Verax 75g Gas Analyzer

The Verax 75G Gas Analyzer provides real time data on gas composition for most constituents with accuracy that is far better than any other technologies.

Data Sheet: JP3 Verax 75G


  • Custody Transfer
    -Superior accuracy and reliability enables more accurate measurement
    -Limited calibration requirements after set-up minimizes personnel oversight and truck traffic to site
  • Process Control/Gas Processing
    -Real time data allows for process optimization
    -Operate up to fifteen discrete probes from one Verax Analyzer
    -Ability to detect multi-phase material can prevent damage to processing equipment and increase yield
  • H2S Monitoring
    -Real-time monitoring renders stains stick and other H2S measurement technologies obsolete.


    • The Verax 75g operates in both multi-phase and gas streams and replaces multiple analytical instruments.
    • Maintenance – The Verax 75G is substantially maintenance free. We install and calibrate, and the real time information relayed to your desktop or phone.
    • Verax 75G has no moving parts, no consumables, and no potential for clogs.
    • Service requirements are minimal
    • Alternates daily, weekly, or monthly visits to calibrate or repair.
    • The compact solar powered design requires no power at the site and takes up very little space.