Gas Measurement in Real Time

The Verax 75 single-stream analyzer provides real time data on gas composition and properties at a single point, while the Verax 75M provides this same data for up to 10 measurement points, gas or liquid, at a site.

Single Stream Data Sheet: JP3 Verax 75

Multi-Stream Data Sheet: JP3 Verax 75M


  • Custody Transfer
    -Superior accuracy and reliability enables more accurate measurement
    -Limited calibration requirements after set-up minimizes personnel oversight and truck traffic to site
  • Process Control/Gas Processing
    -Real time data allows for process optimization
    -Operate up to fifteen discrete probes from one Verax Analyzer
    -Ability to detect multi-phase material can prevent damage to processing equipment and increase yield


    • The Verax 75 operates in both multi-phase and gas streams and replaces multiple analytical instruments.
    • Maintenance – The Verax 75 is substantially maintenance free. We install and calibrate, and the real time information relayed to your desktop or phone.
    • Verax 75 has no moving parts, no consumables, and no potential for clogs.
    • Service requirements are minimal.
    • Eliminates daily, weekly, or monthly visits to calibrate or repair.
    • The compact solar powered design requires no power at the site and takes up very little space.