Crude oil, NGL, condensate and natural gas real-time inline analyzers

Through its Verax™ line of optical field analyzers, JP3 Measurement provides advanced, field-deployable, real-time gas and liquids measurement that takes place in the pipeline at line temperature and pressure without sample extraction.

  • RVP-installLiquid Measurement: Simultaneously measure API gravity, vapor pressure (RVP, TVP), and speciation (through C15+) – see JP3_Verax_75L_Rev_A6 with RVP
  • Gas: Simultaneously measure BTU, CO2, moisture and speciation (C1-C9+) – see JP3_Verax_75G_Rev_A5
  • Superior reliability and ease of use
  • Proprietary algorithms and probe design enable accurate measurement in the presence of contaminants and fouling
  • Verax Analyzers have no moving parts, no consumables, and very low maintenance
  • Onboard diagnostics that are remotely monitored and controlled
  • Solar configuration requires no outside power source
  • Access data anywhere in the world via internet connection
  • Verax Analyzers have undergone years of field and reliability testing
  • Installation usually takes less than 3 hours